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                                                     PRODUCT PLANNING 8 DEVELOPMENT STAFF
      ENGINEERING OFFICE                                                                               CORPORATION
                                                                                        July 27, 1970

                          Mr. Ed Alexander
                          Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
                          Akron, Ohio 44316

                                  Subj.:    Chrys     '1  - Goodyear Joint Test Operations.

                          Dear Ed,

                          This memo is to confirm and record our phone conversation of
                          approximately two weeks past regarding combined Chrysler -
                          Goodyear test operations at Daytona Beach, Fla. and Ontario,
                          California Speedways.
                          The mutual benefit is obvious; a reduced cost test for both

                          Our proposal to Goodyear is that Chrysler Engineering will
                          provide a race car (1970 Plymouth, Superbird), race engines
                          and a car service crew for Goodyear tire test experiments at
                          the aforementioned tracks. In exchange for Goodyear’s use
                          of these materials and services; Chrysler will expect to
                          obtain data as recorded with the instrumented Superbird during
                          the course of the tire experiment and that two (2) days maximum
                          will be afforded at the completion of tire test for car part
                          comparison checks to be made by Chrysler personnel.

                          Goodyear will be responsible for driver travel, subsistence,
                          and driving salary expenses, and for track rental payments.

                          Driver(s) commissions must be agreeable to both parties. No
                          discussion ensued concerning drivers for the Ontario test.
                          However, it was understood that either Baker or Glotzbach
                          would be satisfactory for the Daytona test.

                          Confirmed test dates are           to be established.      Both group
                          are currently working toward       ■  Daytona engagement  during th
                          second week of September 1970       and Ontario during the second
                          week of November 1970.

                           CC List Attached

                                                   P. 0. BOX 1118, DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48231
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