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                                                                         Use any of the three Reader Service Cards.
                                                                   Code your needs!—see inside front and back covers.

                                                      Motion Detector

                                                  Especially designed to conform with OSHA regulations, detector is easily in­
                                                  stalled in standard cam switch boxes of punch presses or stamping equip­
                                                  ment. Divided sprocket clamps around switch box shaft. Solid-state prox­
                                                  imity sensor pickup is not speed sensitive, and mechanical alignment be-
                                                  tween sensor and sprocket is not critical,   A sensitivity indicator verifies
                                                  that sensor and sprocket are properly aligned,   Unit is available in 10 to 1
                                                  speed ranges from 1 to 5,000 rpm with relay   or static output. • Instru-
                                                  mentation  & Control Systems Inc., Addison, III.  Mark 656 on Free Service Card

                                                                 Precision Motion Packages

                                                            Variable reluctance step motor and lead screw provide precise
                                                             incremental motion. Motors are characterized by high step­
                                                             ping rates, resolution, and torque-to-inertia ratios. Addition of
                                                             antibacklash nut (as shown) converts rotary steps to linear
                                                             steps. Many standard combinations are available such as a
                                                             24-step (15 deg) motor with a 1.2-inch lead high-helix screw
                                                            which advances 0.05 inch per step, and a 200 step (1.8 deg)
                                                             motor with a 0.2-inch lead ball-bearing screw which advances
                              Tracer                        0.001 inch per step. • Warner Electric Brake & Clutch Co.,
                                                             Beloit, Wis.                Mark 657 on Free Service Card

                     Recording Sound Levels

           Meter measures and records industrial noise. SPL-110 meets the per­
           formance and accuracy requirements of ANSI SI.4-1971 Type II Sound
           Level Meter specifications and includes the required A, B, and C
           weighted scales and fast/slow meter response. Sound levels are
           recorded over a range extending from 20 dB to 130 dB in nine steps
           of 40 dB each. Unit is available in 115 vac and battery operated
           versions. Microphone is detachable and can be located up to 300
           feet from the meter. Chart speed of 8 inches per hour allows un­
           attended operation for 3 days. • Tracor Instruments, Austin, Tex.
                                             Mark 658 on Free Service Card

               Conversing With Your Computer
           Intelligent terminal delivers clear, flicker-free video display of APL
           and ASCII character sets. A 4k microprocessor provides on-line
           and off-line operating flexibility. Other advantages claimed for the
           A4000 include a true APL overstrike capability, a foreground-back­
           ground switch for selective display of an overstruck APL symbol, j
           and full character editing within the APL definition or execution |
           mode. A single APL OUT key permits the user to generate the
           APL special function with one keystroke. • Ontel Corp., Plain­
           view, N. Y.                               Mark 659 on Free Service Card

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