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Inter Company Correspondence

                                                                         File Code       Date
                                         _____ __________ _______ _________ _____ June 4, 1973            _________
    Ta—Name & Department                                                 Division        Plant/Office     Ci MS Number

                L. A. Johnson            Engine Development Lab                Highland Park              418-23-04
    From—Name & Department                                               Division        Plant/Office     CiMS Number
               W. P, Wright              Engineering Mechanics                 Huntsville                 311-00-00

   Subiact:     LA 340 Engine No, EG 340-F-923-90

   Ref:        Verbal Instructions, L. Johnson to W. P. Wright.

               The used LA 340 engine was shipped to Huntsville on Shipper No. 4983692 and
               used in the fuel metering systems development program from January 1971 to

               Subject engine has been scrapped per your verbal instructions.

               Thank you for your assistance in providing the engine for developmental work at
               Huntsville Division.

                                                                             W. P. Wright


   34-110-7879 Rev. 1-71