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                                 By Jeff Scott                  be created, or duplicated. In the-   informed Ford representatives at
                                   NEW YORK, Sept. 23 - A <     case at Talladega, the collective   Talladega of the information he had
                                 totally new dimension in (     conditions were bumps in the   gathered.
                                 automobile racing, known to NASA <  corners to create amp fit ude, high   With this development, plus the
                                 space physicians as the “Pogo :  speed and the track angle provided   excessive tire wear at the rough
                                 Phenomenon,” was discovered    the excessive G forces and the   track, Ford elected to back the
                                 during high speed practice for the   frequency resulted*from the spring   PDA boycott,
                                 Sept. 14 NASCAR Grand National ;  rates.                       Wright said smoothing the rough
                                 500-mile race at Talladega, Ala. and   The phenomenon was first   and bumpy? areas of the track
                                 was recognized when Charlie    reported by Bobby Isaac during tire   would eliminate the problem since
                                 Glotzbach complained of        testing and testing of the new   all three conditions must exist in
                                 temporary blindness and confusion.  Dodge Daytona in August.  the correct ratio to produce the
                                   Shortly after Glotzbach made his   During practice, Glotzbach   pogo effect.
                                  problems known, it was discovered   pulled into his pits and complained   Long term effects on the drivers,
                                 other GN drivers were suffering   to his crew he did not know where   if' any, will be studied, possibly by
                                  from physical discomforts after and   he was going on the track and that   NASA medical personnel
                                 during high speed laps, often   he could not see. He said he seemed   According to Wright, astronauts
                                 exceeding 200mph on the straights   to go blind for a few seconds when   were only exposed to the pogc
                                  of the new 2.66-mile Talladega   he was going through certain   effect for short periods of time
                                  oval.                         bumpy turns and that he had   providing little information. Bui
  t off tile-challenges of Peter Gethin and
                                   The discovery of the pogo effect
  sp heat races at Hockenheim-the first   .is noted as a major contributing   trouble focusing. He told his crew   some NASCAR drivers have beer
                                                                                              exposed to the condition for up tc
                                                                he could only restore his vision by"
  t Germany., ' (John W. Kelly photo)
                                 factor of Ford backing the boycott   looking back and forth quickly.  six seconds a lap. Yarbrough has
                                 of members of the Professional   Wright spoke with astronaut   recorded more than 800 laps on the
   D7-A                          ,Drivers Assn. (PDA).       A  Tom Stafford about the symptoms   track with many at speed.
                                   The physical complaints of   and Stafford confirmed Wright’s   Following the Sept. 14 race
                                 Glotzbach were first recognized by   opinion of the pogo effect. Stafford   Richard Brickhouse, the winner
                                 Bill Wright, an aerospace engineer   then said, “If I were those.guys, 1   complained of chest pains although,
   disappointment with 18 cars   with Chrysler. White had worked   wouldn’t try to race tomorrow.”  racing speeds were well below the
   entered, 13 showing up and 12 \   with NASA in the development of>   Following confirmation, Wright  faster qualifying speeds.
   starting with six of these ■  ‘ engines for the Gemini space
   competitive.                  project and during that period,
     In the F/5000 events, Taylor   astronauts had suffered similar
   dominated, but he didn’t go   effects during testing. They
   without opposition. In the first   complained of temporary loss of
    I54ap heat, Peter Getliin, in a   sight chest pains, nausea and loss
   McLaren M10A, either ran in front   of consciousness. In the Gemini
   of or on the tail of the TS5-Chevy   project the problem was traced to a
   until the 13th lap when he broke a   combination of low frequency and
   rocker arm.                   a high amplitude type of cyclic
     Gethin didn’t seem to have it in   vibration under high G forces and
   the second heat and Mike       was blamed on pulsations from the
    Hailwood, Lola TT42-Chevy driver,   engine coming through the space
   took over hounding at Taylor’s   capsule.
     In the overall standings,           COMPLAINTS
   Hailwood followed Taylor with two   In checking with other NASCAR
   seco nd-place finishes and Ulf   drivers, Wright found various
    Norind er, Lola-Chevy, third, with a   unique physical discomfort
    fifth and a third finish..    complaints voiced by all the GN
                                  drivers except three-Richard Petty,
   OKs Fihpwf M                   Yarborough. The complaints
                                  David Pearson and Cale
                                  included chest pains, nausea, and in
     ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Monsanto    some cases shortness of breath after
   Co.’s new fireproof cloth., Durette,   very fast laps.
   has been officially approved by the   So far the pogo effect, as
    Sports Car Club of America.   reported by the NASCAR drivers,
     The fabric, second to receive   has occurred only at Talladega.
    approval from the organization, will   According to Wright, three
    not burn or lose its strength after   conditions-the correct frequency,   Dan Gurney, and hostess Vicki Hollaway, display the sign which will adorn a
    several minutes in a 1200-degree   amplitude and G forces-must exist   new franchise network of retail centers, Dan Gurney s Checkpoint America.^
    flame.                       before the pogo phenomenon can                                         (Jack Scagnetti photo)- ?
                                                                      . ' , ... „               kJ.® J3?
    Action Team                                                 Gurney      if                    Checkpoint

                                                                  LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18 -- A Checkpoint America are     ih
                                                                franchise network of retail centers Honda- one at Fort LaudcrdaJ|
                                                                for high quality performance   w h e r e the compa n v h a 5
                                                                products and specialized service   headquarters, and the oilier al,
                                                                work is being launched by Dan   Daytona Beach n e a r t h |
                                                                Gurney, it was announced here   superspeedway.          |
                                                                today.                          “Florida is not what you call:a:
                                                                  Called Dan Gurney’s Checkpoint   hotbed of expensive foreigm cuf
                                                                America, the new business, venture   owners,” Lyon commented, “But
                                                                will start in Florida arid expand to  despite that fact, we have
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