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                                                                 Lu__Ay       FILE                DATE
                                                                                                       May 6, 1970
    TO - NAME                                                        DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                                        DEPT-    Special
                 H. P. Bruns                Vehicle Development      _ Emziueer ins: Office _         Jliehlanrl Park -
    r~'"' 1 - NAME                                                   DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                                        DEPT- Circuit
                 W. P. Wright            Racing Test Operations          - S pace_________       .... . Huntsville____ .
                 ACTIVITY REPORT
                 APRIL, 1970      .

                 A.    Summary of Accomplishments During April 1970

                        The Plymouth test car 097 was prepared, ins  C-t-  l-i  umented and tested at Talladega
                 4, 5 and 6 April.

                        The Sox and Martin drag test car was instrumented for testing conducted 13,
                 14 and 15 April at Cecil County Dragway, Maryland.

                        The Dodge Daytona Engineering test car was instrumented for tests conducted
                 at Chelsea Proving Ground on 26 April.

                        The Plymouth began rebuild for testing scheduled at Daytona the week of 11 May.

                        Plymouth tests scheduled for 20 April at Darlington were cancelled due to funding

                        1.    Test Vehicle Operations

                              The ex-Petty Plymouth received from the Proving Ground on 28 March was
                 prepared for Talladega tests 4, 5 and 6 April.

                              The eiigine^used in the Dodge forthe record run was installed and suspen­
                 sion parts changed. CriticaTstructural areas were magnafluxed and repaired or re­
                 placed. A spoiler was built and installed and miscellaneous sheet metal changes made
                 in preparation for tests.

                              The test results with windows out indicated excellent handling and speed \
                 capability almost equal to theT5odge assuming no engine performance degradation j
                 between installations.                                                                        /

                              Following the Talladega test the Plymouth began preparation for tests
                   cheduled at Darlington on 20 - 25 April.

                              A factory representative from Hooker headers arrived and began build up
                 of a new header system with larger branches and interchangeable length interconnect
                 pieces to accommodate track testing with varying length sections. This build up re­
                 quired almost two weeks and delayed somewhat car rebuild operations.

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