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                                                                                                      January 28, 1970
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                W. P. Wright             Racing Test Operations             Space                     Huntsville

                Schedule for Special Performance Vehicle Testing

  Reference: Meeting between W. P. Wright, L. J. Rathgeb, andG. M. Wallace, 1/20/70

                The following tentative schedule was established for vehicle preparation and testing
                during early 1970:

                Talladega or Daytona Test                                          20 - 24 January 1970

                Assembly of back-up test car 046                                   24 January thru early March

                Automatic Transmission Installation
                     pre-fit to both test cars after
                     Talladega/Daytona test                                        24 January 1970

                Daytona back-up race car preparation                                24 January thru 13 February

                Daytona 500 Race                                                    13-22 February 1970

                Atlanta Test Preparation                                            23 February - 9 March 1970

                Atlanta Test                                                        10 - 14 March 1970
                     Primary test of three suspension
                     configuration concepts

                Indianapolis Race Park Test Preparation                             15 March thru early April 1970

                Indianapolis Race Park Test                                         Early April 1970

                Darlington Test Preparation                                         Mid April 1970

                Darlington Test                                                     Late April 1970

                                                                             W. P. Wright

                Distribution:     H. Bader, Jr.
                                  H. P. Bruns                    H. H. Miller
                                  L. J. Rathgeb                   F. C= Schrandt
                                  G. M. Wallace                   R. J. Lechner

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