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                                                                                                       Administrative as;
                               City ©jj wuntsvi^e

   J.^. Call
                                      GOVERNED BY MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL
   A .. Douyard
   H. Bader, Jr.
   L.  D. Holme    c o                 HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA
  : V/- -  P. Wright
                                                                                       City of Huntsville Municipal  Building
                                              June 15. 1970

             Mr.    Q  o  h-H  Jackson, Manager
             Contracts Office
             Chrysler     Corporation
             1312 Meri    dian St    I-)  o  Q   rt
             Hu nt sv111e, A1ab ama

             Re:  Use of facilities at old Huntsville Airport

             Dear Mr. Jackson:

             Please reference your letter of request dated June                         Ln  1970.
             I am pleased to advise that the facilities at the o                       Id Huntsville
             airport    will be available to your .company m accordance with
             the foil   _ ow i   conditions:

                   Use of the facilitie            will be  permited from June 22, 1970
                   for a period of three months.                We understand the use will
                   be confined to weekdays--Monday through Friday. No  tests
                   should be run between the hours of 7:00 and 8:30 in                          he
                   morning and between 3:00 and 5:00 in                   rt  he afternoon.

                   Use   should be c oordiriated with Brown Engineering Company
                   test     and with the Model Airplane Clubs use of the west
                   end   of th     east-we s t runway.

                   Captain Barney        Harding of the Traffic Division of the Po lice
                   Department sho
                                       uld be contacted with reference to any nee d
                   for patroling       the are      during the      P  nnmg of the tests,
                   You understand       , of course.        hat Ci  -P   of Huntsville vehic         i— I  O
                   will, at various times, be driving across                     Ct  he runway.
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