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             MAYOR                                                                                      administrative asst.
                                 Olty cMantsuiOo

     j E. Call                          GOVERNED BY MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL
     A. E. Douyar  Pu
     H. Bader, Jr                                        *
     L. D. Holme     c o                HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA
          P. Wright

                                                                                        City of Huntsville Municipal Building
                                                June 15, 1970

               Mr. Co    a  0  Jackson, Manager
               Contracts Office
               Chrysler Corporation
               1312 Meridian Street
               Huntsville, Alabama

               Re:  Use of facilities at old Huntsville Airport

               Dear Mr. Jackson:

               Please reference your letter of request dated June 5, 1970.
               I am pleased to advise that the facilities at the old Huntsville
               airport will be available  to your company in                      ccordance with
               the following conditions:

               1.  Use of the facilities will be permited from June 22, 1970
                     for a period of three months. We understand the use will
                     be confined to weekdays-~Monday through Friday. No tests
                     should be run between the hours of 7:00 and 8:30 in the
                     morning and between 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon.

               2.  Use should be coordinated with Brown Engineering Company
                     tests and with the Model Airplane Clubs use of the west
                     end of the east-west runway.

               3.  Captain Barney Harding of the Traffic Division of the Police
                     Department should be contacted with reference to any need
                     for patroling the area during the running of the tests.
                     You understand, of course, that City of Huntsville vehicles
                     will, at various times, be driving across the runway.

                                                                           \ Q vx va \/ ex, \
                                                                           S c

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