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Inter Company Correspondence

                                                               File Code                                  Date
                                                                                                     September 21, 1971
      To— Name                          Department             Division            Plant/Office           CIMS Number
                  H. p.  Bruns          Special Vehicle Devielopment                Engineering Office       418-32-12
       om— Name                         Department             Division            Plant/Office           CIMS Number
                  w. p. Wright          Engineering Meeh,       Huntsville             7902                 311-00-00
                  Race Car Instrumentation Expenditure Status Report - August 1971

                  Huntsville Division continued' support of the Race Car Program during August. No
                  tests are reflected during the month.

                  The expenditures noted are for preparation of two     -way radio for race car and
                  delivery of system to Talladega for installation in    R. Petty's race car. Actual
                  installation was not made at Mr. Petty's request.

                                  Labor                        $ 200.86

                  Total expenditure as of 31 August 1971 is $25,308.41.

                                                                            W. P. Wright


                  cc:   H. Bader, Jr.
                        J. E. Call
                        A. E. Douyard
                        W. F. Henley

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