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                                                                                                     November 11, 1969
     TO - NAME                           DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                  H. P. Bruns
        M - NAME                         DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                  W. P. Wright                   4190                        Space                   Huntsville

                  October Report For Huntsville Circuit Racing Test Operations, Department 4190

                          The Chrysler Huntsville Circuit Racing Test Operations began formal operations

                  15 October 1969 when the Inter-Plant Agreement was approved by the Mopar Comptroller.

                          Notice of Pratt Avenue building lease approval by the Mopar Comptroller was

                 received 27 October 1969.

                         Activities during the month included instrumentation test support to Rockingham

                 track test vehicle (car 88) October 16 and 17.

                         The Mobile Control Center was moved to the Rockingham track 21 October and

                 remained for pre race activities and the race day scoring operations 25 October. The

                   omputer scoring system performed satisfactorily during test and checkout Saturday,
                 25 October, but failed to give satisfactory results during start of the race Sunday. The

                 trouble has since been traced to a circuit in the teletypewriter which contained a humidity

                 sensitive capacitor. The computer manufacturer had warned us of trouble and was in the

                 process of sending a replacement circuit board. They did not tell us of the humidity

                 problem. Since the motor home was left unheated during the chilly night and a slight rain

                 fell Sunday morning^ conditions in the vehicle were undoubtably high humidity and is felt ThcCT

                 to-havc caused the problem when loading the computer^Sunday morning before race time.

                         We have since corrected this problem by replacing the circuit board.

                         In addition we have ordered a power fail safe unit for interface with computer which

                 will allow us to operate more reliably at remote tracks^possibly on vehicle, power.         H  D  C

                 device senses gross power fluctuations or failures and properly shuts computer down

                 without destroying the program and memory storage.
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