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PROCUREMENT REQUEST                                    REO.NO. Body Elect.              REQ.
     TITLE:... •’E.* Series Aerodyxiamic —                  PRODUCT PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT STAFF                       SHEET—      1
            Studies                                              EXPERIMENTAL MATERIAL
     A PROG N0._        A-95.1            ___               (DESCRIPTION - PURPOSE - INSTRUCTIONS) 3866905                        Perform Wind Tunnel Tests.of 3/8 scale
                                                    Wichita, Kansas              ,________________
     DATE MAT’L REQ’D                       —
     deliver TO: S • R- Kulwicki, Dept^ 3860,-
     -.Bldg. 135, 2nd Fl., Ext. 5214

        PART NO.      LET.             NAME OF PART               QTY.                      REMARKS

                            Wind Tunnel Tests of 3/8               1     Test Dates: 3/27/67 through 3/31/67.

                             scale model                                 5 Test Days (8 hrs. per day) 40 standard

                                                                         test hours ♦ time to prepare tunnel

                                                                         prior to testing, and to remove ground-

                                                                         board after tests.

                                                                         Tests will be conducted under direction

                                                                         of Chrysler engineer in the Walter H.

                                                                         Beech Memorial wind tunnel, Wichita
                                                                         State University.


                           R. Kulwicki          COPIES: (3) Mat I. Proc. Dept.
                     APPROVALS                            G.S. Morrow
                                                          F.W. Deady

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