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April 3, 1969

              Chrysler Corporation                                              h/
              Air Conditioning and Aerodynamics Lab
              Central Engineering - Highland Park                         Z// 5/        H         rci Co/
              P. O. Box 1118
              Detroit, Michigan 43231

              Attention:        Mr. M. W. Dawley

              Subject:          Amendment "A" Additional Work to Proposal
                                CCSD-HG-123 for Aerodynamic Analysis and Wind
                                Tunnel Testing of Automobiles

              Reference:         1.  Chrysler-Huntsville Proposal CCSD-HG-123
                                     dated April 11, 1963

                                2.  IPA, HU-1 SUPP 20A, IPR 244418

                                3.  Chrysler Detroit Air Conditioning & Aerodynamic
                                     Lab Request for Additional Work


                                In response to Reference 3, Chrysler Space Division,
              Huntsville Operations, submits herewith three (3) copies of the subject amend­
              ment ”A" for performing additional work to the Reference 1 program.

                                Wind Tunnel Tests of a 3/8 scale ”F" series Plymouth are re­
              quired in support of the Race Car Program. Proposed additional work is as
                                a.  Supervision and planning of the 3/8 scale model fabrication.
                                b.  Planning of the test program.
                                c.  Conduct wind tunnel test at University of Wichita.
                                d.  Generate final report of test results.

                                 Our Amendment "Aft for additional work is submitted on a fixed-
              price basis in the amount of $llt495. Reference attached IP A Form HU-1,
              SUPP 24 for cost breakdown.
                                Period of performance will be                            8 after receipt of
              go ahead
                                                                                                             V~«    Y*
                                                                 C*, its '<*-


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