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                                                                                FILE                DATE
                                                                                codsS&M-ASM—5         February 6, 1969
       TO - NAME                           DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
       FROM - NAME                         DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                 J. E. Vaughn                       4831                      Space                   Huntsville

                 Aerodynamic Investigation of 3/8 Scale Automobiles in the Wind Tunnel:
                 Performance Report for January 19 thru 26, 1969

                         Chrysler Engineering, Highland Park, has embarked on a program to
                 improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the "F" series Dodge Charger,
                 D-500, the car which represents Chrysler on the NASCAR circuit. They have
                 again, as in the "E" series car program, asked assistance from Space Division,
                 Huntsville Operations. We are assisting CEO-HP with approximately a 1.5 man
                 effort for the rest of the model year. Program support amounts to a Huntsville
                 engineer assuming responsibility of the wind tunnel test program and following it
                 through to completion.

                         Work this first week has consisted of phasing into the program and re­
                 lieving the CEO engineer in charge of this program overburden.

                         Presently eight days test time has been reserved at Wichita State UniversityTs
                 7 x 10 foot wind tunnel beginning March 10, 1969. This causes a very tight schedule
                 for preparing a test schedule and having the models prepared. However, since no
                 sheet metal can be changed for this series car, only front end modifications are
                 under consideration. Several add-on features will also be investigated in an effort
                 to improve car handling characteristics. Due to the short time span for model
                 preparation and since the tests will be conducted in March, a cool month, allowing
                 cool tunnel temperatures, it was decided to use clayed front end models. The
                 various front end proposals are being clayed onto the existing "E" series Charger
                 using a common parting plane for configuration interchangeability.

                         Model fabrication schedules have been completed and are being distributed to
                 affected areas. A test schedule will be formulated within the next few weeks and will
                 be discussed with race group personnel for concurrence.

                         A trip to the proving ground on January 22, 1969, gave a glimpse of full-scale
                 track test proposals for the front end. Wind tunnel test models will include the same
                 shapes for data comparison but will attempt to further optimize the configurations
                 through various subtle changes.

                 Distribution:        H. Bader, Jr.               cc:
                                      M. L. Bell
                                      D. Bradley
                                      G. Martin                       OU
                                      W. P. WrishKC_L
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