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6 June 1969

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                    Performance Report - Aerodynamic Investigation of 3/8-Scale Automobiles in
                    the Wind Tunnel - Report Period May 15 - 31, 1969

                            Preparation of the final report covering results of wind tunnel tests on '*EM
                    series race cars at both Wichita State University and Lockheed-Georgia wind
                    tunnels is continuing. This report will be unusually large since it will contain all
                    background information on pre-test activity. Such documentation would normally
                    occur in a Pre-Test Report but due to manpower levels and time, it will be pre­
                    sented instead in this report.

                            Plymouth Division has finally decided to build a special edition car to race
                    on the NASCAR circuit next year. This means another manufacturing crash pro­
                    gram in order to meet production deadlines. Reportedly, they will conform to
                    aerodynamic guidelines established by wind tunnel tests reported in HSM-R13-69.
                    However, it is conceivable that further wind tunnel work will be required, probably
                    on a crash basis.

                            Carburetor air scoop tests are still scheduled for July 5, 1969 at Daytona
                    International Speedway. It is understood now that the car will come to Huntsville
                    sometime prior to this date for instrumentation Installation.

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