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DRAFT                                                     INTER COMPANY CORRESPONDENCE

                                                                              FILE                DATE
                                                                              CODE                  January 10, 1968
     TO - NAME                           DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
               H. Bader, Jr.                S&M Engineering                Space                    Huntsville
     FROM - NAME                         DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
               W. P. Wright                 S&M Engineering                Space                    Huntsville
     SUBJECT:          Chrysler Automotive Wind Tunnel Facility

    Reference:         ICC, E. E. Zimmerman to Distribution, 21 November 1967, Subject:
                       Telecon with Bob Payne, Facilities Engineering, Highland Park 11/21/67

                              The writer discussed the status of the          O  ngineering wind tunnel

                       with Mr. A. D. Bosley on 1/9/68. Mr. Bosley said that he and

                       J. Gleason, Facilities Engineering, had been discussing an integrated

                       type of wind tunnel to meet the requirements of several engineering

                       laboratories. Mr. Bosley felt that the time was right for our aero-

                       dynamicist to talk with the facilities people and assist in defining a

                       facility concept and obtain cost trade-offs from an A&E contractor.

                              Mr. Bosley recommended that the writer talk to Mr. Gleason

                       and then that Mr. Kirkenmeier talk to Mr. R. Smith and Mr. Larson.

                              The writer talked with Mr. Gleason on 1/10/68 and offered to assist

                       in defining a facility concept to perform the different types of testing
                                                                                        r \             o ca-co­
                       required by engineering. Mr. Gleason seemed a bit x^&^rved-but

                        romised to talk with his people and call me. He also                omised to send me
                       a copy of their users requirement document for our review

                                                                                  W. P. Wright


                       cc:    M. T. Kirkenmeier
                              E. E. Zimmerman
                              M. L. Bell

     84- 1 10- 7879 REV. 1-63