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                                                                              FILE                DATE
                                                                                            _________ May 26, 1970
     TO - NAME                           DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                 W. P. Wright                   4190                        Space               Huntsville
     FROM - NAME                         DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                 H. H. Miller                   4190                        Space               Huntsville

                 Daytona Test of Car 097 (May 1970)

                 The writer, with Mr. Fred Shrandt and Larry Knowlton departed for Daytona,
                 Florida on May 10, 1970. The purpose of the trip was engine and tire test                C D
                 using the engineering test car 097.

                 Monday, May 11, 1970:

                 Six test runs, averaging six laps each, were accomplished with the baseline
                 engine and different sets of tires. The following measurements were recorded
                 during the days testing; Engine RPM, Drive Shaft Torque, Right Front Shock
                 Displacement, Yaw, Vertical Acceleration, Manifold Vacuum, Carburetor Air
                 Pressure, Oil Pressure, and Water Temperature.

                The test driver reported excellent car handling during each test run.
                Following the tests, Messrs. Shrandt and Knowlton changed from the baseline
                 engine to the test engine.

                Mr. W. L. Weertman arrived in Daytona Monday evening to observe the tests
                of the new engine.

                Tuesday, May 12, 1970:

                Three test runs were accomplished using the new engine. At the end of run one
                a water leak was noted at the rear of the right head gasket and at the water
                 pump. Prior to the second run the water pump was tightened. The water leak
                at the right head gasket was still present at the end of run two. A new right
                side head bolt was installed prior to the third run. The leak was present at
                 the end of run three, so Mr. Weertman decided not to try any more runs with
                the engine.

                The following measurements were recorded during the new engine tests; Engine
                RPM, Drive Shaft Torque, Oil Cooler inlet temperature, Water Temperature,
                Manifold Vacuum, and Oil Pressure.

                The RPM and Torque measurements were stripped prior to the end of the work day.

                Wednesday, May 13, 1970:

                The day was used changing back to the baseline engine, stripping the prior
                 days data and preparing for Thursday’s tests.

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