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Inter Company Correspondence

                                                                                                February 28, 1972
  To — Name                         Department             Division            Plant/Office            CIMS Number
             IL p. Bruns            Special Vehicle Development                 Engrg, Office           418-07-10 .
  E . — Name                        Department             Division            Plant/Office            CIMS Number
             w. p. Wright           Engrg. Mechanics        Huntsville          7902                    311-00-00
             Race Car Instrumentation Status Report. - January 1972

             Huntsville Division support of the drag car test program continued during January with
             support provided in Detroit for developmental testing of a crankshaft triggered ignition
             system and drag car instrumentation.

             Test activity support for drag car tests in California began in January and carried over
             into February.                                                                            a

             The following expenditures were incurred during January:

                            Labor (152 man-hours)                $ 1,088.93
                            Burden                                  1,465.10
                            Overtime Premium                           195. 17
                           Material                                    294.66
                           Travel                                     7 76.45
                           Mark-Up                                    427.87

                            Billing                              $ 4,248.18

                                                                            W. P. Wright


             cc:   H. Bader, Jr.
                   J. E. Call
                   A. E. Douyard

  4-110-7879 Raw
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