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                                                                              FILE                DATE
                                                                                                      March 25, 1970
     TO - NAME                           DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                W. P. Wright                       4190                       Space                   Huntsville
     FROM - NAME                         DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                H. H. Miller                       4190                       Space                   Huntsville

                Trip Report, Atlanta Raceway

                        The writer, Fred Schrandt, and Larry Knowlton departed for Atlanta Inter­
                national Raceway on Monday morning, 9 March 1970, to assist in testing the Charger
                Daytona race car 093. Upon arrival at the track the car was unloaded, front end
                alignment and height was set and the instrumentation functionally checked to assure
                proper operation.

                        Tuesday, 10 March 1970:

                              On Tuesday eleven test runs were made using several different suspension
                configurations. The following measurements were recorded during the day; engine
               R.P.M., oil pressure, verticle acceleration, lateral acceleration, and suspension
               displacement. Tuesday evening the torque drive shaft and measuring equipment was
               installed in preparation for Wednesday tests.

                       Wednesday, 11 March 1970:

                              The initial test on Wednesday was to record the following data; oil pres­
               sure, engine R.P.M., carburetor air pressure, engine torque, manifold vacuum,
               carburetor and plenum temperature.

                              During the first run the torque drive shaft broke near the retaining cup
               weld and resulted in cracking the bell-housing, breaking the transmission case mount­
               ing ears, and breaking the retaining straps on the rear axle third member universal.

                              These failed parts were replaced and six additional test runs were
               accomplished. On the six test runs the following data was recorded; oil pressure,
               engine R.P.M., lateral acceleration, and suspension displacements.

                       Thursday, 12 March 1970:

                              On Thursday the air studies tests were conducted using the mail box air
               scoops, fender inlet, and inside car inlet. The following data was recorded for each
               vehicle configuration; plenum air temperature, carburetor air temperature, inlet air
               temperature, air pressure at four locations (plenum, carburetor, fender inlet, and
               inside car inlet), engine R.P.M., manifold vacuum, and slip angle.

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