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                                                                               FILE                DATE
                                                                              CODE                     March 6, 1968
      TO - NAME                          DEPT.                        DIVISION               PLANT/OFFICE
               H. Bader, Jr.                  S&M Engineering               Space                      Huntsville
      FROM - NAME                        DEPT.                        DIVISION               PLANT/OFFICE
               W. P. Wright                   S&M Engineering               Space                      Huntsville

                      Trip Report to Detroit March 4 and 5, 1968.

                             The writer visited Highland Park Central Engineering Monday

                      afternoon and met with Mr. F. Deaty in the Air Conditioning Laborato 4

                      to discuss the "Rapid Heat" problem. Mr. Deaty reviewed the                   4  equire-

                      ment to obtain 100°F heater blower air within two minutes from start up cCT F

                      and utiliz  D  C

                      no promising      olutions on the horizon, but that the problem would get

                      increasing emphasis because it is the weakest area of the automobile

                      (passenger warm up or         omfort). Mr. Deaty reviewed a memo from

                      R. D. MacDiarmid to W. P. Wright which reflected our views on the

                      various approaches and he generally agreed with the conclusicns reached.

                      He was particularly interested in seeing more on our idea for direct

                      immersion heat exchangers and a true catalytic heater. This information

                      will be collected and forwarded.

                             Later a meeting was held with Mr. M. Dawley to review our propos                    C D  CL

                      work scop    D  C  for an aerodynamic test program and discuss participation in

                      a race car wind tunnel test program.

                             Their were few direct comments on our propo tn           al draft since it

                      basically played back their thinking. Some points we were asked to

                       mphasize more,such as analysis cf tunnel correction factors and con-

                       ideration of a base model fo        0)  T)  tablishing run standards and    ompanng

                      different facilities.

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