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                                                                             FILE                DATE
                                                                                                       August 28, 1969
    TO - NAME                           DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                H. Bader, Jr.                S&M Engineering               Space                       Huntsville
    FROM - NAME                         DEPT.                       DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
                W. P. Wright                 S&M Engineering               Space                       Huntsville

                TRIP REPORT TO TALLADEGA, AUGUST 20-25, 1969

                         The writer, H. H. Miller, J. E. Vaughn, and H. R. Killen supported the

                Engineering Circuit Racing Group tests at Talladega Raceway, August 20-25, 1969.

                         The Dodge Daytona race car was instrumented at Huntsville prior to the tests

                and vehicle calibrations performed at the track. The following parameters were

                ins trumented:

                               1.    Shock absorber travel (4 wheels)

                               2.    Yaw angle

                               3.    Steering wheel position

                               4.    Acceleration (3 axis)

                               5. Wheel speed (right         ron
                               6.    Carburetor inlet pressure

                               7.    Engine RPM
                               8.    Engine Vacuum

                               9.    Event Marker
                         In addition the radio was installed for two-way communication to driver.

                         Problems were encountered with the radio due to a low signal or volume level
                 from the car and interference from ignition as well as the measurement system and

                 recorder power supplies. The GE radio service man came by the track on Sunday,

                 August 24, and adjusted the car radio to increase the signal level which was a

                 c n  ignificant improvement. Since the helmet provided fit only one driver (not present)

                 the drivers would not wear the radio helmet for critical high speed runs. The radio

                 was then transferred to the standard Charger 500 race car/inot instrumented and used

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