The Bill Wright Document Archive

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Bill Wright's collection was turned over to Greg Kwiatkowski as a stack of document-filled folders (and folders within folders), as well as other loose documents. The archive is presented here as found, with documents grouped under their folder's name, or as "Loose Documents". Given their age and the number of people who may have looked through the papers over the years, it's unlikely that they are sorted just as Bill left them, but hopefully at least some of that integrity has been maintained.

The documents were further divided below the folder or "Loose" level by subject area, as part of preparation for presentation here. In some cases (primarily the handwritten notes), it was unclear as to how they could best be grouped. Educated guesses about groupings were made based on the documents' subject matter, dates, and proximity to each other as found.

In the format used, the total archive contains 1488 pages of information at 333 links. 893 pages were presented when the site debuted in 2018, with the remaining 595 having been added on November 24, 2019.

Similar Chrysler documents, owned by Greg Kwiatkowski and from sources other than Bill Wright, can be found on the Aero Warriors website, here.

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Loose Documents

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Loose Documents

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The 595 pages of documents found at the links below were added to the site on November 24, 2019.

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