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                                                                                       January 28, 1970

                                w\?<\              4 "I ■?> - -2-

                    Mr. Walt Czarnecki
                    Assistant Manager, Performance Promotion
                    American Motors Corporation
                    14250 Plymouth Road
                    Detroit, Michigan

                            As per our telephone conversation on 19 January 1970 regarding

                    instrumentation services for AMC race cars we are presenting a measuring

                    system concept description with approximate planning type cost figures for

                    your consideration*

                            The system may be divided into five sub-systems or major components

                    as follows:

                                   1* Transducers

                                  2.     Power Supply

                                   3.   Signal C onditioning

                                  4.     Recording

                                   5.    Data Reduction (Playback Hard Copy)

                                  6.     Calibration System

                            You indicated a basic interest in measuring engine and suspension system

                    performance* The following measurements are suggested as a starting point:
   1   2   3   4