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                                                                   ELECTRONICS DIVISION
                                                                   •  Master Course in
                                                                     Color TV Servicing
                                                                   •  Color TV Servicing
                                                                   •  Master Course in TV
                                                                     & Radio Servicing
        dTuntitHUe, Manama 35 8 O                                  •  Practical TV &
                                                                     Radio Servicing    APPLIANCE DIVISION
                                                                   •  Master Course in Elec*   •  Home Appliance Master
                                                                     tronic Communications  Technician’s Course
                             539—0633                              •  FCC License Course  •  Home Appliances Servicing
                                                                   •  Master Course in
                                                                     Electronics Technology  •• Handyman Appliance Repair
                                                                   •  industrial and Auto­  Up to 8 kits including new
                                                            .. Build your   mation Electronics  exclusive Circuit Trainer (except
                                                            lompu-Trainer   •  Computer Electronics  in Handyman course.)
                                                            many others.
                                                            )g for details.  •  Basic Electronics  See catalog for details.
                                                            SHANICS DIVISION
                                                                                              Master Course in Air ’
                                                                                              Conditioning, Refrigeration
                                                                                              & Heating
                                                                                              Air Conditioning &
                                                                                             16 kits. Leak detector,
                                                            sr Course in Auto,               Hermetic analyzer, tools
                                                            i & Diesel Mechanics            & others. See catalog
                                                                                             for details.
                                                           notive Mechanics
                                                           c & Heavy Duty
                                                           le Tune-Up & Electricity                       j
                                                           ncluding 4 Electronic   BREAK AWAY from low pay and a dull job. Move ahead
                                                            Units. See catalog^   in an exciting career where the big-money opportunities are
                                                            for details.
                                                                      now bigger than ever-. Electronics, Mechanics, Home Appliances,
                                                                                       or Air Conditioning and Refrigeration,
                                                            ou can do it with NTS home training. NTS makes it easy to learn...because only
                                                            TS uses the Project Method for home training. You get more professional kits to
                                                            tual, on-the-job equipment. So, your training is more interesting, more complete.
                                                                         Don’t waste another day. Start now. Mail the coupon, below.
                                                                SCHOOLS         NATIONAL <™fB> SCHOOLS
                                                           raining ciNcr tan*;
                                                                              4000 So. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, Calif. 90037
                                                            Los Angeles, Cal. 90037
                                                                             J Please rush FREE catalog and sample lesson for
                                                           tional Home Study Council;
                                                            Trade & Technical Schools  g division checked below. Check one only.
                                                                             ■    ELECTRONICS DIVISION   (Dept. 202 080)
                                                           IING AT LOS ANGELES   ■    AIR CONDITIONING, REFRIGERATION DIV.
          "" ---- ----------- ---------------------- ----------------- - ----- -- ---------------------  B    MECHANICS DIVISION
          sprayed with the new compound. The   NTS occupies a city block with over a   i    HOME APPLIANCES DIVISION
          spray coat makes electrical wires and   million dollars in training facilities.  1
          cables nonflammable, too. The airline,   Check special box for details.  Name    ____ _______________  Age
          building, and transportation industries
                                                                               Address           ______________________
          will probably take advantage of this   Send for FREE illustrated
          spinoff from the space program.     catalog and complete             City           State    _ Zip
                                              information on the field
                                                                               Check for veteran training under new G.l. Bill.
          Borkensteirfs monster               you choose. Sample               Check if interested ONLY in classroom training at Los Angeles.
                                              lesson included.
            The man who invented the Breath­
          alyzer—the machine used all over the
          world to establish whether a driver is                                                         Spray it
          legally drunk—has come up with a do-it-   IMMEDIATE                     GUNK                   on..hose
          yourself model. Destined primarily for
          bars and restaurants, Dr. Robert F.                                    ENGINE-BRITE            it off!”
          Borkenstein’s baby, dubbed the Auto-   CASH For new electron tubes                             Laboratories
          Breathalyzer, will allow a patron to tell       and semiconductors. . .  ENGINE CLEANER          Inc.
                                                                                  AND DEGREASER
          whether his blood-alcohol level is within       any quantity.            For Cars, Driveways,   5829 W. 66
          his state’s legal limits for safe driving.   CONTACT J. KLEIN, 300 Park Ave. South, N.Y., N.Y. 10010  Power Mowers  III. 60638
          He simply drops a coin in the machine,
          pushes a button, and waits for a light
          to come on. With a disposable plastic                                       MOTEL-HOTEL CAREERS |
          straw, he blows into an alcohol-sensitive                                 WlMIII’lifHljl
          liquid, which changes color according to
           the amount of alcohol in his breath. The      Train quickly in 8 short weeks at Toledo   XTYvL I in MO^LL \
                                                         for a bright future with security in vital
                                                         meat business. Big pay, full-time jobs -
          color change is read photoelectrically,        HAVE A PROFITABLE MARKET OF   fWHOUl J
                                                         YOUR OWN! Time payment plan availa­  \&   Management
           and converted into the corresponding          ble. Diploma given. Job help. Thousands
                                                         of successful graduates. OUR 47th YEAR!
          blood-alcohol level. Reading nearing           Send now for big new illustrated FREE
                                                    catalog. No obligation. G.l. Approved.
           .10? Forewarned is forearmed.           NATIONAL SCHOOL OF MEAT CUTTING
                                                     Dept. 51-K, Toledo, Ohio 43604
                                                                                                    AUGUST 1970 I 15
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