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Inter Company Correspondence

                                                              Fils Code                                  Date
                                                                                                     August 17, 1971
     To— Name                          Department             Division            Plant/Office           CIMS Number
                 H. p. Bruns          Special Vehicle Development               Engineering Office        418-32-12
           Name                        Department             Division            Plant/Office y         CIMS Number
                 w. p. Wright         Engineering Meeh.        Huntsville            7902                 311-00-00
                 Race Car Instrumentation Expenditure'Statu s Report - July 1971

                 Huntsville Division support of Grand National Race Car Tests continued during
                 July. Monthly expenditure below reflects less than one man level of effort, how­
                 ever large overtime expenditures were required for Grand National car preparation
                 and track tests.

                 Tests falling around and over holidays and Sundays resulted in a higher overtime

                                                           June                   July

                           Labor                        $ 1355.49              $ 479.62
                           Material                         46.30                 892.42
                           Travel                          262. o  ''
                           Burden                         1811.04                 655.08
                           OT Premium                      201.69                 109. 09
                           Billing                        3676.57              $ 2375.47

                 Total expenditure to date is $24,206 out of a total allocated for year of $40, 000.

                                                                               W. P. Wright


                  cc:      H. Bader, Jr.
                           J. E. Call
                           A. E. Douyard
                           W. F. Henley