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                                                                              FILE                DATE
                                                                              CODE                   May 20, 1969
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                   J. E. Vaughn                       4830                     Space                Huntsville
                   Performance Report - Aerodynamic Investigation of 3/8 Scale Automobiles in the
                   Wind Tunnel - Report Period - May 1-15, 1969

                           Our latest contacts with Central Engineering in Detroit stated that track
                   tests of the proposed race car are now scheduled to begin July 5, 1969 at Daytona
                   International Speedway. It is therefore obvious that the proposed race car will
                   not race in the July 4th Daytona "Firecracker 400" as originally hoped. Apparently
                   then, the first appearance of this car will be at the "Talladega 500" race in September,
                   1969, at the new Talladega, Alabama race track.

                           Wind tunnel results obtained on the race car equipped with vertical stabilizers
                   and high-flying horizontal wings have been prepared by Central Engineering personnel
                   and were presented to the proper race personnel on May 14. This report is being
                   circulated to interested Huntsville people for informational purposes.

                           Central Engineering has decided to form their own Aerodynamics Group.
                   Therefore, our participation in race aerodynamics after July 31 is somewhat in
                   question at this point. We are presently preparing the final report on results from
                   "E" series wind tunnel tests and were initially scheduled to begin preparation for
                   "G" series wind tunnel work. However at this point the latter activity looks doubtful.
                   Since we have established a good reputation with the Central Engineering people and
                   have a good working relationship, we should begin to investigate other areas where
                   we could be of value to them and propose areas of endeavor. At the moment, vehicle
                   stability and control appears to be of major concern. This subject is readily amenable
                   to computer study. Therefore we should be pitching our capability in control and
                   trajectory analysis in an effort to obtain automobile studies. Much aerodynamic input
                   will be required for any study of vehicle control and stability so that the program could



                           H. Bader, Jr.
                           W. P. Wright •<-
                           M. L. Bell

                           J. E. Call
                           E. E. Zimmerman

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