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orrected for Reynolds Number
                  All tunnel airfoil test data presented         has been   o
                  and roughness. The only major disagre         ament   o  (1)   I  r    . •7*I —     theoretic ally expocted
                  effects and tunnel results are in the  axial force coefficient curves and these
                  differences are probably explained by  the variations in the airfoil section
                  tested from a true CLARK-Y.

                  iwo different flat plate vertical stabilizers, single large center fin and
                  twin outboard stabilizers, were tested, because the effects of both
                  stabilizers were virtually identical, only the twin vertical stabilizer
                  data has been plotted.


                  Although the aerodynamic eff&ts         01  the r  ecommended control package are now
                  known, the interplay between driv       er   s-  n onsion, weight distribution,
                  aerodynamics, etc., are not* known          As    result, future studies should
                  concentrate on actual track tests        4  3  o  orov  ide needed inputs and direction for futur
                  tunnel or. Proving ^rounds tests.

                  In addition, prior to the sale of any vehicles to the public with
                  recommended control package, the handling of the vehicle at expre  tn           sw sy ana
                  higher speeds should be determined. If these tests show extreme                   foil angle   co
                  of attack to be detrimental, an owner’s guide should be published               -p o  warn
                  against tampering with the controls.

                  Future tunnel tests should be directed towards improving the aerodynamic
                  controls and determining interference effects.between the controls and the
                  vehicle. This approach could eventually lead to a valuable store ox knowled                  0-i  c>
                  to be used, in conjunction with theory to accurately predict control effects
                  without actual tests.

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