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                 The object of recent wind tunnel tests and theoretical studies on rear deck
                 aerodynamic control surfaces was to develop a package offering varying rear
                 lift control and improved cross-wind and cornering stability.


                      Use  O  f the recommended rear deck airfoil will allow up to          c/     pound rear
                      lift  reduction with less than a 1 MPH lap speed penalty.
                  . Although the car with recommended twin rear vertical stabilizers is                 still

                      differential is reduced from 3r>0 pounds to less than 90 pounds at 6               yaw.
                      aerodynamically unstable in yaw, the front to rear wheel side force  O
                      In general, the wind tunnel results compare favorably with the or


                      The recommended rear deck airfoil and twin vertical stabilizers should  o               (D
                      tested thoroughly at Proving Groundstrack and over the road prior to
                      releasing cars to the public.

                      Brief confirmatory wind tunnel tests should be conducted on the recommended
                      airfoil and stabilizers.

                      An o^-mer’s manual containing  instructions and warnings on the. use of
                      aerodynamic control surfaces should be prepared.
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