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           .......... .  rr                                                   FILE                 DATE  June 4, 1970

     TO - NAME                           DEPT- Special               DIVISION  CODE          PLANT/OFFICE
                II. P. Bruns                Vehicle Development        Engineering Office              Highland Park
     F;   - NAME                         DEPT.        ..             DIVISION                PLANT/OFFICE
     _________ W. P. Wright:_______        Racing Test Operations      Space                           Huntsville

                A CT 1VIT Y RE PORT
                MAY, 1970

                A• Summary of Accomplishments During May 1970

                       The Plymouth test car 097 was prepared with the test engine plus instrumentation
                and tested at Daytona 11 - 15 May 1970.

                       A drag test car was instrumented during transmission tests conducted at Cecil
                County Dragway, Maryland, 19 - 22 May 1970.

                       1. Test Vehicle Operations

                             The Plymouth was rebuilt in preparation for engine testing at Daytona.

                             All critical components were magnafluxed, sheet metal reworked (front
                fenders pulled out ahead of wheel) and suspension changes made to suit the track.

                             The baseline test ex-166 engine was installed in the vehicle and the experi­
                mental headers were fitted to the chassis.

                             The new test engine was prepared for quick installation in the field by in­
                stallation of accessories.

                             The test car was carried to Daytona on Sunday, 10 May, and testing began
                on Monday 11 May. The baseline engine was run Monday and then removed for installation
                of the new test engine.

                             Tuesday the new engine was run until external water and oil leaks caused
                 n  ancellation of test with apparently satisfactory results.

                             The baseline engine was reinstalled Wednesday and suspension tests and
                cooling system tests conducted Thursday and Friday.

                             The cooling system tests Friday were cancelled after a spark plug blew and
                apparently damaged the engine.

                             The Plymouth was returned to Huntsville and began rebuild for automatic
                transmi 7)  sion testing.

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