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         X  Mr. Douyard sent a copy of this ICC to                          FILE
         Mr. Trahern.                                                       CODE                DA>pril 155' 1968
                                                                         Bering            Highland Park
                                                                                           PL ANT/O FFiCE '
                                                                         Bering Office

                                                                         huntsville for them to supply
                                                                          remainder of this Budget
                                                                         act Budget Year for support
                                                                         pwx This man will be
                   erTajLXftLijx^ nui u.,\  S -J  ■  ana wxjlx spena as time as necessary in Detroit
                  under the direction of the Lewdynamic                  in the;             ioning

                  Including the xnarZs time and travel •-xpenses from April 22* 1968 to July 31,
                  1968, Huntsville estimates a cost of $10,072. It is understood that the
                  exact amount to be paid Huntsville It: subject to negotiations via ,
                  Financial Staff. The funds already allocated for the Race Aerodynamics
                  Program for the balance of this Budget fear appear to be 'adequate to
                  cover this expense assuming that tunnel testing charges are not billed
                  until after* August 1, 1968: this would be consistent with present plans.
                  Funds are also being included in the 1969 Budget submission to co ar
                  period through ^January .

                  Huntsville has expressed interest in providing per.f-ianent support for
                  our total Aerodynamic activity, and is locking on this initial involvement
                  as a means of developing contacts and experience in this specialized area.
                  Their broad experience in space aerodynamics and aerodynamic testing and
                  facilities should substantially enhance cur capability in the automotive
                  aerodynamic field»

                                                                                     ZD iC

                                                                                    ( .iijukXsXX
                                                                                       KL Wa Dawley

                  ce:   j  n  *  Bruns

                        H  O   Co Gleason
                         o   W* Shank
                         0   J• Skop?ezyn ski
                        C m    s   Smith
                         O   Wright


                                                                                                   APR 2 4 1968   L  M M I

                                                                                                   S & M Engineering
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